Cross Works (XW) is built on the foundation of experience gained across decades of work in practice from it's MD and it's valued collaborators.


Our collective is made up of professionals and unique specialists who have come together to provide efficient, client-focussed solutions to real world problems. Our network of experts come from all over the world, utilising technology and agile remote working solutions to bring our minds together regardless of our respective locations.

Our base is in London where we have an office in the heart of Soho, but we welcome work from any and all geographies.


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Providing real experience and knowledge where it counts, to provide value and creativity to our clients' projects 

From globally recognised brands like HOK, Benoy and Gillespies to world-class international architects like Emre Arolat, through to multi-disciplinary consultancies like BDP, the firm is built on a wide range of project leading and team leading experiences gained over the course of two decades by its founder and MD.

Hakan is a chartered architect (RIBA) and an expert city planner / urban designer, who has spent the past 15+ years in practice, reaching senior management levels and overseeing regional sectors in large practices, whilst also running giga-projects around the world as either Design Manager or Design Team / Consortium Lead. 


With this broad remit of experience, Hakan founded Cross Works with the objective to be more agile and responsive to client needs; to be able to select and curate the best-in-class collaborators with whom to create project specific teams & collectives; and to be able to choose the projects that will have genuine positive impact in the future.

Hakan Agca (RIBA)
Founder / MD of XW

Osman Sahinbozkir
Head of Digital & BIM


Bringing together the best minds and talents to make cutting-edge design a new standard

Osman is a senior architectural consultant at Cross Works who specializes in advanced design technologies. He leads Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the digital delivery of projects at XW.

Having worked on large scale developments across the globe in the mixed-use, commercial, residential and hospitality sectors, he brings on board invaluable industry best-practice expertise having previously worked with global architecture firms such as HOK, WilkinsonEyre, SOM, ARUP and HKS.

With a background of RIBA accredited architectural education in the UK, he is a creatively driven, proactive individual with a diverse range of interests and skills. This diversity enables Osman to be a critical observer and an innovative problem solver.


His main area of focus is exploring the creative potential of new ideas and disruptive technologies within the architectural design process for optimizing delivery efficiency of projects and create added value for our clients.


Providing project-specific specialisms in the fields of architecture and urban planning to cater to project-specific needs 

Kutay Mert Kilcioglu (MArch) started his career at Arup’s London office after completing his degree at Architectural Association School of Architecture / EmTech. During the time he spent at Arup, he completed significant projects such as the Hindu Heritage Museum in India, Ice House Project in London, and Amazon Data Centre in Spain. His academic studies were shortlisted in international competitions such as S.Arch International Design Competition.


Mert’s experties are in the precise modelling of complex systems and the rationalisation of complex geometries. He has also deep understanding about the implementation of AI to the design process through genetic algorithms. He has passion, experience, and is in continuous research around the production and use of parametric tools.


His design methodology implements scientific principles and environmental data to design. During his design process, he values the identification of aesthetic sensibility while taking historical and cultural aspects of a region into consideration, thus creating a more apt vision for the future.

Kutay Mert Kilcioglu
Architectural Designer & Parametric Design Lead

Lucia Piccinini
Project Architect


Understanding both client requirements and regulatory frameworks in order to unlock value through exceptional design

Lucia qualified from the University of Architecture of Florence and started her career in Italy before moving to the UK. Having worked through RIBA stages 1- 7 over the course of more than 10 years in practice, Lucia has grown immeasurably in her ability and proficiency as a talented and highly capable Project Architect. With her technical skills and creativity, she excels in her involvement at all stages of an architectural project from initial concept creation, through technical development and construction, to final handover and post occupancy evaluation.


During her career in both Italy and the UK, she has worked on a diverse range of architectural projects including new-builds and refurbishments of mixed-use premises, high-end urban residential schemes, commercial properties and complex change of use projects. Lucia has a wide breadth of experience in her client base, having delivered projects internationally for real estate investors, private developers, private clients, high-net worth individuals and main contractors. Her responsibilities to these clients have included defining their requirements to deliver solutions on budget, securing planning application approvals and obtaining funding from investors and financial institutions.


Lucia is committed to the values of sustainable construction and has an eye for environmental responsibility. She has an innate passion for artistic expression and architecture’s social impact, creating living and working spaces to the highest of standards.


Creating places and destinations which are informed by their physical, cultural and socio-economic context

Paula's background stems from a Master’s degree in Architecture and Building Engineering, followed by a work experience in architecture and urbanism, collaborating with Steven Chilton Architects & MIRO Architetti on international projects of a variety of scales. Ranging from interior design to façade design, and urban planning research (working with the “Planning & Regeneration” team of the Department of Architecture at the University of Bologna in Italy), she is truly cross-disciplinary. In particular, during her experience in Bologna she was part of the management group of a cross-regional European project focused on boosting low-carbon multi-modal mobility for more sustainable cities.


Paula has also worked on the creation of territorial cognitive frameworks for two Italian Municipalities, which was the basis for the development of their new Urban Plans. This work included a deep study of the social, built, and natural environment, that also considered aspects such as building energy behaviour, land use, and other informative factors, as well as the creation of a GIS model containing all of the data collected.

Paula strongly believes that communication and collaboration are the keys to responding to the needs of a rapidly changing world and to design more liveable, inclusive, and sustainable cities.

Paula Saavedra Rosas
Urban Designer

Siddhartha Kirk Ramaswamy
GIS Specialist & Digital Cartographer


Creating project specific IP to benefit our clients' projects in ways they may not have anticipated

Siddhartha’s background is in geoscience and geospatial analytics, with a master’s degree in engineering geology from the University of Leeds.


He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society with IBG (FRGS) and Geological Society of London (FGS).

Sid has worked with consultants within different industries such as traditional surveying, construction, data analytics, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) surveying. Providing key analyses on geohazards, conducting environmental impact risk assessments and enabling the growth of sustainable farms through the use of drone data reporting. Involving geospatial data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence, preparation of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) data pipelines, geospatial data modelling and data visualisation as interactive maps and dashboards.

Sid is a passionate supporter of tech for the creation of transparent, sustainable and environmentally-friendly urban development. As an avid gamer, Sid is an ardent supporter that interactive first-person games and “walkthroughs” of urban environments are crucial for transparent data communication.


Bringing together analytical and creative minds from a wide range of disciplines & expertise to provide holistic solutions

Timothy’s background is in finance, data management and analytics, with a degree in history and international relations from the University of Oxford Brookes.


Working alongside intergovernmental organisations such as the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) and the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), and government institutions (American Embassy, Canadian Embassy in Bangkok) providing humanitarian aid to refugees and displaced persons. Conducting statistical and geographical data modelling and the preparation of ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) data pipelines for the production and presentation of visualisations, maps and dashboards. Allowing for the financial distribution of funds to the refugees, following an interdisciplinary review of the data models.

Timothy strongly believes that the implementation of accurate data engineering and analysis are critical for transparent communication thus enabling the creation of inclusive and sustainable cities.

Timothy is passionate about using tech to help socially disadvantaged people. He dedicates part of his free time to volunteering as a mathematics tutor and providing basic tech skill training for socially disadvantaged adults.

Timothy Lefevre
Data Analyst




With residential projects increasing in number and masterplans landing around the world, we're on the lookout for talent to join our collective. Project Architects & Urban Designers are encouraged to get in touch!



A cross-disciplinary firm in London, made up of like-minded and experienced individuals from various professional backgrounds, kicks off. With offices in Soho, the collective is growing fast.

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