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CROSS WORKS is at UzBuild in Tashkent

Cristian Toc

28 Feb 2024

CROSS WORKS is at UzBuild in Tashkent

Cross Works presented the New Tashkent masterplan at the Uzbuild Conference in Tashkent this week, amongst other esteemed speakers. As the lead consultant overseeing a consortium of experts, and the overall masterplanner of the new city, Cross Works is designing a comprehensive framework for an area of nearly 25,000 hectares and a detailed masterplan for the first phase of 4,500 hectares, to house the growing population of the capital city for many decades to come. Our Managing Director - Hakan Agca - spoke of the key drivers behind the project and the core design principles, as well as the technological advancements that are being implemented on the masterplan by Cross Works' design and technology teams, including the creation of a digital twin. Alongside the Government & the Directorate of New Tashkent, further news and information on the development will be released in due course.

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